Victim Outreach

Victim Outreach Specialists

Our victim outreach specialists are experts in crime-related trauma, capital case  procedure, the theory and practice of victim rights, and the theory and practice of  restorative justice.  Our mission is to help loved ones of homicide victims and  other crime victims identify their unique criminal justice system needs and assist them to get these needs addressed through direct and indirect contact with the defense team.   In this capacity, we work on behalf of the victims, serving as a liaison between the  victim and the defense team, court, and prosecutor to ensure victims’ questions and  concerns are acknowledged and addressed to the extent allowable under the law.

Victim outreach is a victim-centered, victim-driven, rapidly growing state, national,  and international effort that gives individuals adversely affected by a criminal act the  opportunity to be directly involved in responding to the harm caused by the crime. We reach out to the victims to gauge interest in engaging with the victim outreach expert. This is a victim-centered and victim-driven effort as it is up to the individual to participate. Our victim-outreach experts are skilled at helping victims feel included in the process and giving voice to their questions and concerns leading to better outcomes for them, the community,  and quite often for the offender. Research shows that giving the victims a voice in the process bringing them and  the community a greater sense of  justice and satisfaction with the criminal justice system.

When serving as a victim outreach expert on a case, we are not members of the defense team. We do not meet the defendant or have any knowledge of confidential case  details. We do not advocate for the defendant or for a specific outcome; we provide support for the victim(s) by taking their questions and concerns to the defense team as this is the party victims rarely have access to. The defense addresses victims’ concerns to the best of their ability with the goal being a greater sense of justice and restoration for all interested parties.