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Shari Schwartz, Ph.D.


Dr. Schwartz is a Forensic Psychologist and college professor with special expertise  and many years’ experience in capital mitigation, sentencing advocacy, victim  outreach, and trial consulting. She devotes much of her practice to capital mitigation  and victim outreach working primarily on death penalty and juvenile resentencing  cases.  For her work on a particular death penalty case in 2011, she was a recipient  of the C. Clyde Atkins Civil Liberties Award from the American Civil Liberties  Union, and the Rodney Thaxton Against All Odds Award from the Florida  Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Dr. Schwartz has authored/edited a college textbook on the intersection of  psychology and law and continues to conduct and publish her research in this area.   She is a frequently invited lecturer at judges’ and attorneys’ trainings, and has spoken  at numerous conferences on issues regarding death penalty mitigation, aggravating  versus mitigating circumstances, victim outreach, eyewitness memory, jury  instructions, and many other criminal justice topics.

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Brian Cahill, Ph.D.

Senior Trial Consultant

Dr. Cahill is a college professor and senior trial consultant with expertise in the ways  in which social and cognitive psychology interact to influence legal decision making.  Dr. Cahill has a Ph.D. from Florida International University and a Master of Arts Degree  in experimental psychology from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  He has published several empirical papers investigating eyewitness decision making,  juror decision making, the measurement of various psychopathologies (particularly  in prison inmates), and has given numerous talks at various national conferences on  topics related to the application of psychology to the legal system.

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Alison Gurden


Alison Gurden is an international trial and mitigation consultant. She is a Barrister, with over 20 years experience, practicing from Drystone Chambers in London, and specializing in criminal law.

Although now solely practising in criminal defense, Alison spent over 7 years working for the Crown Prosecution Service (the English equivalent to the State Attorney’s Office). She brings a knowledge of prosecution techniques and theories to her defense practice, which is often invaluable in defending complex and high profile criminal cases.  Since 2010, she has worked on death penalty trials and sentencing, and resentencing of juveniles who were sentenced to Life Without Parole in the USA.

Alison has a unique talent of finding the novel legal argument or mitigation approach to ensure the client has the best defense, and her extensive knowledge and experience of both USA criminal law, English Criminal Law and European Human Rights means she often brings new ideas to a case.

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