Mitigation & Sentencing Advocacy

Mitigation Specialists

A mitigation specialist is an expert qualified by knowledge, skill, experience,  and training as a mental health and criminal justice system professional.  The role of a mitigation specialist is to present mitigating circumstances and  factors to all relevant stakeholders within the criminal justice system  (prosecutors/probation officers/judges/jurors) to show that this particular individual’s  case merits special consideration.

Our mitigation specialists/sentencing advocates conduct thorough biopsychosocial  investigations into a client’s background to identify factors, such as trauma history and mental health concerns, that are catalysts for the crimes of which s/he is accused.  When a criminal defendant faces a death sentence, we delve deep into his/her  developmental history for presentation to relevant stakeholders in the criminal  justice system to advocate for the defendant’s life. We also provide  expert insight into criminal culpability, helping courts to understand a defendant’s  mental health or developmental history as it relates to the criminal acts of which s/he  is accused.

Non-Death Penalty Cases

In non-death penalty cases, our sentencing proposals often focus on engaging in  community-based, court-mandated treatment and services. These include mental health counseling, substance abuse and addictions counseling,  trauma counseling, victim restitution, community supervision, mechanisms to avoid  individual recidivism, and appropriately constructive consequences that provide a just  outcome and that are carefully designed to elicit future positive behavior. This  approach proposes individualized sentencing strategies to courts to utilize community-based programs that mete out justice without further overcrowding jails and prisons.