Trial Consulting

Expert Trial Services

The saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20 vision,” but excellent foresight is what you need  when preparing your case. That is, once your case has concluded, you will be fully  aware of what issues caught the jurors’ attention and how they weighted those issues in rendering a decision. At Panther Advocacy and Litigation Sciences, we offer you innovative,  yet affordable, solutions to find out in advance of taking your case to court how jurors are likely to respond to your case presentation.

We are skilled social and behavioral scientists who apply the scientific method to analyzing  potential juror attitudes via the use of case and trial strategy analysis, focus groups/mock juries,  survey research, exhibit/visual aid analysis, voir dire consultation, witness preparation, and jury  selection. Panther Advocacy and Litigation Sciences has a proven record of success on a wide  variety of civil and criminal cases.

Case and Trial Strategy Analysis

We review all relevant case documents to assist you in identifying key themes and issues  to help shape your case presentation. As part of this service, we help you craft compelling opening and closing arguments, identify appropriate visual aid strategy, and devise  strategies to mitigate potential problems in your case.

Community Surveys/Change of Venue

Surveys are useful tools to determining general attitudes in the community about the case  issues and the parties involved. Moreover, this type of research is beneficial as a basis for  arguing change of venue in particularly high profile cases in which the jury pool may be biased  based on pre-trial publicity.

Focus Groups/Mock Jury

Focus groups are conducted as miniature mock-trials composed of actual jury-eligible  community members that match demographically the community venire in your case jurisdiction. This is done in advance of trial at a location where we assemble these individuals to hear your  case presentation and hear them deliberate to verdict. This is valuable in identifying what they  found compelling in your case and understanding what factors weigh heavily in their decision.  These are videotaped and thoroughly analyzed providing you with valuable visual evidence to  use toward negotiating settlements when and where appropriate.